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Do you have experience working with a variety of HIS/Patient Accounting systems?

Yes, MedCom has a long history of working with many different types of HIS and Patient Accounting systems, including, but not limited to, EPIC, Cerner, Meditech and CPSI.

Do you have experience with professional/physician billing?

Yes, MedCom can apply their full listing of services to both professional and technical billing.

What clinical areas of expertise do your consultants have?

MedCom's team of consultants have a wide breadth of experience in the healthcare field with backgrounds in Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Revenue Cycle, Reimbursement and IT.

Do you offer limited or high level assessments?

MedCom will customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Services range from an introductory assessment to a full complement of services and software solutions.

What size hospitals do you work with?

MedCom works with a variety of hospitals, ranging from critical access hospitals to large multi-hospital health systems. With the understanding that no two clients are exactly the same, our team works with each client to create a customized engagement that meets their specific needs.

How long does it take to train end users on your CMNavigator software?

End users can be trained in 1 hour sessions - provided onsite or by teleconference.

Are your software products hosted locally or on a cloud environment?

MedCom's software solutions are available to be set up locally or in a cloud environment. Contact us today to discuss what is best for you.

Do we need to purchase CMNavigator in order to utilize your Chargemaster Management services?

No, CM services are available to clients with or without the use of CMNavigator software.

What is the difference between a MPNavigator Report and Comprehensive Pricing Review?

The MPNavigator report illustrates a comparison of your facility pricing against your specific market in order to depict if you fall below, above or near the average as compared with your peers. During a comprehensive pricing review, our consultants will combine results of the MPNavigator report, your payor contracts and specific strategic goals to create a customized and defensible pricing methodology complete with specific line-by-line pricing recommendations, gross and net revenue impact projections.

Can MedCom provide educational services on chargemaster management and coding?

Yes, MedCom includes educational services and materials as a standard component of each engagement.

What are Chargemaster Management services?

MedCom professionals can provide coding and pricing recommendations and support for entries in your facilities CDM, based on facility policies.
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