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Our Approach

Accuracy plus Efficiency Equals Increased Revenue


A unique combination of clinical expertise and proprietary technology enables MedCom’s consultants to improve charge code validity, consistency and charge line structure within a facility’s electronic charge systems. Not only does our unique approach produce enhanced results, they do so in a fraction of the time previously required to complete desk reviews and manual audits of the charge cycle.


Once accurate charge capture systems and processes are in place, MedCom works with facility staff to streamline workflow and validate the interoperability of electronic systems. By doing so, MedCom’s services and software enable facilities to gain internal control over their charge capture systems to ensure on-going management of these systems, securing your investment.


With accurate and efficient charge capture systems and processes in place, naturally, MedCom’s services and software result in increased revenues. Charge Capture accuracy ensures that pricing aligns with your facility’s strategic objectives, preventing unnecessary audit penalties, contingency fees, and associated costs. Improving Charge Capture efficiency guarantees all potential revenues are captured within electronic charge capture systems.

What can our approach do for you?

Our unique Charge Capture, Chargemaster (CDM) and Pricing solutions have yielded hundreds of millions in net revenue improvements for our clients. To see what our approach can do for you, contact us today.

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