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January 08, 2019

Three Ways to Improve Charge Capture

Charge capture software is essential to a hospital’s revenue cycle process. Below are three ways you can improve your charge capture with the help of MedCom Solutions.

  1. Educate Your Employees

The first step to improving your charge capture is to ensure all employees are educated on the rules and regulations. Payer-specific rules, CMS rules, and procedural terminology codes are frequently changing, which means employees will always need to be kept up to speed. By spending the time to educate hospital staff on this software, you will be able to maximize its efficiency.

  1. Regularly Audit Your Billing

Perform billing audits on a regular basis to make sure your patients are being charged correctly. Services with both technical and professional components should be audited to ensure the reported charges are accurate and billed. Any discrepancies in billing should be addressed immediately, so the facility does not miss revenue.

  1. Provide Consistent Charge Standards

Establish charging policies and guidelines that are effective across the entire facility. Differences between departments can cause errors and questions down the line. This will also help you easily maintain and audit current records, as you will know the protocol for any department you are investigating.

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